Bottle Inclination System Esigo

The exclusive Bottle Inclination System by Esigo 

Our wine racks have been designed to be as versatile as possible in terms of storage methods for all types of wine and bottles.

This patented, innovative system allows bottles to be stored at different angles in wine racks Esigo 1 Classic, Esigo 2 Classic, Esigo 3 Classic and WSS1 collection.

With our Bottle Inclination System, the angle at which bottles are stored can be varied so as to offer excellent keeping characteristics regardless of the shape and size of bottles.


The benefits of the system

There are differing benefits that our inclination system offers and that will be much appreciated by wine experts:

  • The system means that corks remain moist and flexible thus preventing the excessive breathing that can lead to the formation of mould and to oxidation;
  • The system provides a suitable degree of inclination so that natural deposits stay at the bottom of the bottle;
  • The system provides good product visibility.


The angles of inclination vary depending upon model type as shown below:

Inclination system esigo